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Founded in 1992 and backed by over 50 years of combined industry experience, the tax consultants at Dan Randall and Associates specializes in tax resolution and IRS representation. Our specific focus has led us to become a respected nationwide resource for tax resolution! Contact us today to assess and address your tax troubles if you’re in Las Vegas, Indian Springs, Henderson, or Paradise, NV.


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Enrolled AgentsNumerous Americans find themselves in hot water with the IRS each year, due in part to unaccounted tax obligations or improper filings. Between the original problem, demanded restitution and other implications, it’s easy to become lost and confused if you’re facing the IRS alone—that’s why Dan Randall and Associates is here to help. Our firm represents individuals and businesses with outstanding federal and state tax liabilities, to help you resolve your situation and the ongoing damages that come with it. We’re the premier tax resolution service in Las Vegas, NV because this is our sole focus, and we’ve become a go-to expert nationwide for the results we’re able to achieve.

With intimate experience of IRS process and function, as well as status as enrolled agents, we’re more than qualified to offer you assistance as tax consultants in Las Vegas, NV. We work with your best interests in mind and strive towards complete resolution of your issue—with as little financial or emotional burden as possible on you. We know that every situation is unique, which is why our encompassing approach is a tailored one. For the IRS, you might just be a name on paper; for us, you’re a valued client who needs honest, professional assistance. We’re here to give it. Take a look at just a few reasons people from all over the country are choosing Dan Randall and Associates as their tax resolution service in Las Vegas, NV:

Tax Consultants

  • We’re members of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA).
  • We offer comprehensive, in-person consultations to all local clients. Comprehensive telephone consultations are available upon request as well.
  • Our firm is back by more than five decades of professional experience.
  • Check in with us for revolving discounts and specials.
  • We can serve anyone, no matter where they reside in the United States!


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If you’re facing a lien or garnishments due to tax troubles, our tax consultants are here to help. Get in touch with us today for more information and a free consultation regarding your situation.

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