June 29, 2021

"Dan and Paula are highly recommended when working with the IRS. They are both extremely knowledgeable, professional and personable. Paula was persistent with contacting the IRS when handling my parent's taxes, even during the pandemic. She also kept constant communication and explained every step of the way in terms I was able to understand. Dan went above and beyond in accompanying my family at the bank when they were giving us problems. Both Dan and Paula have been patient, compassionate and even humorous when my family needed it. I am so grateful to have found them to get my parent's finances back on track!"
December 21, 2020

"There are reasons and results. All year long we are bombarded with TV, radio and news paper ads to call to resolve serious tax issues. You quickly realize that most are assembly lines promising a quick fix. After much searching we came upon Dan Randall and associates. Frequently we found that they had already taken care of issues before I was notified by mail. Dan and Paula are seriously buttoned down advocates for their clients. They are efficient, supremely knowledgeable and on top of deadlines in the most amazing ways. They know from their knowledge base and experience exactly the pathway to a successful resolution. Their cost is very fair and you get much more you get piece of mind, the ability to sleep and go to the mailbox with no concerns, this is priceless. When you visit them you get to meet the two friendliest biggest dogs you will ever meet. It is their house and Paula and Dan are allowed to live there. Dan is very focused and is on top of agency over reach. Paula steers the process 24/7 and her knowledge base is extraordinary. They also like what they do and it shows in the way they treat you and your problems. Rare is the letter of recommendation that I have written but this one is the most deserving and if you need and advocate with results look no further then Dan and Paula."
November 10, 2020

"Dan and Paula were very professional when came to taking care of my Tax issues. And they continue to address my ongoing tax concerns especially when the IRS sends me letters that I just can't figure out. She does a great job putting those letters in regular terms for me. They were able to save me 10s of thousands of dollars as they worked with the IRS on my behalf. They are truly life saver's! I feel such a relief from my tax burden. I greatly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their tax issues. Thanks again Dan And Paula!"
June 5, 2020

"Dan and Paula knew exactly how to approach the IRS on my behalf. Because of their expertise and ability to negotiate with government employees and supervisors they reached an agreement I can live with! Highly recommend!"
March 8, 2020

"Dan Randall and Associates Have been amazing They were able to help me in so many ways . Especially my back taxes owed As we all know sometimes financial difficulties are very real And in my case I was in A very difficult place . Financial Hardship Paula Mills was professional thorough Personable and motivating . Getting me back on track with my duties and responsibilities. I am forever grateful for all she has done for me . Thank you"