2023-08-14 | 14:31:20

January 3, 2023

"Dan & Paula are truly saints! I was feeling so hopeless with my IRS situation and the debt I had built up over time. Once the debt was too much to keep making payments, the IRS put a lien on my name and I was beyond stressed. Finding Dan & Paula was truly a godsend. They were incredible in helping me put together an offer in compromise in order to get on the right side of the IRS again. After being given a heavy blow from the initial claims officer, Dan and Paula didn't give up and asked my case be seen by appeals. Thanks to their incredible understanding of tax law, depth of experience and wisdom they have from decades of working, they were able to get my offer accepted. I still can't believe that the burden of owing money to the IRS has finally been lifted. I feel beyond grateful for how hard they worked to get my offer accepted. Dan Randall & Associates is the very best you could hope to have in your corner. I give them my highest recommendation. If you need help, please do yourself a favor and hire them."
November 16, 2022

"Paula and Dan are amazing! We had so many challenges with the IRS and could not get issues resolved. I tried attorneys, accountants, "IRS specialists"...2 years and no luck. From our first meeting they helped put me at ease. Then proceeded to deliver on everything they promised. I can't recommend them strongly enough if you have issues with the IRS."
November 4, 2022

"Dan and Paula are phenomenal at what they do. I am the guardian for my elderly mother and she got a tax bill of $30,000 from the IRS and due to her hardship, there would be no way she could afford to ever pay that. Dan and Paula were able to get the debt reduced to $276.00. I am so grateful for their knowledge and expertise and ability to jump through all the hoops. They were great at communicating with me and keeping me informed all the way through. I would highly recommend their services. Very fair price for all the work they did."
July 8, 2022

"Dan and Paula are amazing. I have had issues with the IRS for many years and had no way of solving them, I came across them and decided to give them a call and that was the best decision I’ve made. Paula was so amazing and put my mind at ease. She explain the entire process and with in a short time she had everything take care of. I’m so please with the outcome! I can’t thank her enough. I recommend them 100%."
March 4, 2022

"I find it difficult to describe how much Dan and Paula helped me with my IRS problems. I took them a huge accumulated IRS past debt totaling 100's of thousands of dollars and they worked through the "Matrix" of Departments within the government to find the right people, get the forms, made sure the IRS rules were enforced. protected me , advocated for me and solved my problem. I paid an affordable and reasonable settlement and now I am FREE. I Highly recommend their services."