September 11, 2019


"Look no more, they're The One!! Call them! Call them NOW!! Last year I received a very intimidating letter from the IRS and i can't emphasize how worried and anxiety filled i was. After speaking to over 9 different "tax relief" agents from ALL over the U.S....I thought to myself, "I'm SO screwed." There were so many money hungry agents charging thousands of dollars for something they couldn't even guarantee. I decided to find someone local, b/c if I'm going to pay THAT much, I would rather speak to someone IN PERSON. All I can say, is DAN and PAULA are the ABSOLUTE BEST!! If you've received an IRS letter, don't wait another second, CALL DAN & PAULA.....NOW. Go on! Dial their number you WONT regret it! They have over 20years experience, they made me feel SO WELCOMED and CARED FOR. They really do treat you like family! Dan has such a sweet, reassuring voice, I INSTANTLY trusted him, they both kind, patient, EXTREMELY KNOWLEGEABLE, they have such a wealth of experience!! They are fair, affordable, AND not only did they keep me calm and held my hand throughout the entire process but they helped RESOLVE my case!!! That's right!! I COULD NOT BE MORE THRILLED!! Dan and Paula have been there for me and my boyfriend through thick and thin, never wavering, always there with an open and caring heart. They did all the communicating with the IRS, all I had to do is just be honest with my situation and Dan and Paula handled the rest until the very end. I'm happy to say I was put on a VERY affordable payment plan and now I'm back on track. I'm happy that all this is finally over, but I will miss constant communication with Dan and Paula. They are now family and I wouldn't trust ANYONE else for tax relief."
July 16, 2019

"Dan and Paula in one word are simply amazing! They were wonderful to work with, knowledgeable and professional. They took the embarrassing and terrible situation that I had and turned it in to a manageable solution walking me through the entire process! It was a huge stress relief knowing they were in my side! They explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions and I will forever be grateful to them!! - Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV"
June 21, 2019

"If you read no other reviews, read this one. The IRS placed a levy on my wages to take effect immediately for 8 plus years of back taxes and in the $100,000's. I was terrified. I needed to see someone soon and after calling several tax attorneys, who could see me the following Thursday after the next full moon, I called Dan Randall & Associates. Paula answered the phone and after telling her my situation through tears, she asked if I could come over that afternoon! Both Dan and Paula made me feel so at ease that no matter what, this was going to be resolved with their expertise. They have years of prior IRS history and the knowledge to know who to call and when to get things rolling....FAST! They put a stop to my levy, saved my paychecks and got me on a payment plan in a very short time. The black cloud I had hanging over my head is gone and I cannot say enough good things about them. They are wonderful people and I'm so thankful I came across them. I would recommend Dan Randall & Associates for any of your IRS issues. You're in great hands! Thank you Dan and Paula!!"
March 20, 2019

Sherri S

""Paula Mills is AWESOME! She's very professional and very caring. She put my worries and stress at ease after talking to her one time, she walked me through the whole process, explaining it all to me and never made me feel bad about being in this stressful situation. She really helped us with getting a payment plan we could handle. I would recommend her and Dan Randall to everyone I know."
January 28, 2019

"I am so Thankful for Dan Randall and Associates! I went through a pretty stressful situation and he and his wife were able to walk me through the process making me more confident as a business owner and negotiating a deal. I will say that his balance of tough love and compassionate professionalism is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for everything you did to help me!"