July 9, 2018

"I had a very complicated tax situation where I had a major surgery and was not physically fit to file my taxes let alone operate my small business in Hawaii. As a result I got backed up with filing taxes and was penalized with interest and fees from the IRS. I decided I needed Serious professional help to fix my situation with the IRS. I searched online and found Dan Randall and Associates. Dan and Paula were quick to return my message. The following week I brought all my paper work and met with them. They were very kind and welcoming to me and my family.The professional level and knowledge they have between the two of them was very impressive. They understood my situation and explained in detail the best route to proceed. If you are in need of help with the IRS, I highly recommend Dan and Paula. Also, being that I served in the US Air Force, I received a military discount which every bit helps when you're in a situation like mine. I have come to realize after all the help I received, back and forth emails, phone calls over the phone, etc that Paula and Dan is more than just my tax representatives but rather dear friends. I will always be in gratitude for their help!!! Much Love and Aloha Paula and Dan! Garren M"
February 14, 2018

Audit From IRS

"When I received a notice of Audit from the IRS, I was terrified and I knew that I needed professional help. I performed a Google Search and found Dan Randall and Associates here in North Las Vegas. After meeting them personally and explaining my predicament, they reassured my that they could handle this situation. I felt a huge burden lifted off my shoulders!!!! I was confident that they could accomplish and resolve the situation that I had with the IRS.They handled the communication and correspondence with the IRS which was a great relief. Dan and Paula were compassionate to my situation and always kept me informed of what was going on. In the end, I ended up paying back taxes to the IRS because of an unallowable deduction (a costly mistake by me). In addition to the back taxes, the IRS included a substantial PENALTY!!!!! Dan and Paula once again corresponded with the IRS and had the penalty WAIVED!!!!!! Thank You Very Much!If I ever need tax help again, I will look no further than Dan Randall and Associates!!!!Thank You....5 STARS!!!!!!!!"
January 17, 2018

"Dan Randall and Associates was recommended to me by a mutual associate. It was an exceptional choice for my needs.I wanted to reduce outstanding back taxes. I was amazed how Dan and Paula were able to help me. They were not only the consummate professionals but were exceptionally gracious and friendly in our endeavor. I would recommend them for any problems someone may have with taxes. Paula and Dan - thanks again!"
October 2, 2017

Absolutely wonderful

"After three years of trying to communicate the facts to my revenue officer to reach a resolution, the actions being taken upon me began to get more and more aggressive and I found myself unable to manage all the demand letters and the levy notices that seemed to be coming faster and faster without an end in sight. I met Dan and Paula two years ago and for 18 months they fought for me, and fought for me and fought for me even when I had days I wanted to throw in the towel, Dan and Paula gave me "that talk" and I wiped my eyes, dug up more paperwork, and we were back at it again. I cant imagine anyone going through this process alone after meeting them. They really know exactly what they are doing every step of the way. And with their combined years of experience, they are able to do things and negotiate on your behalf better than any one else I know who has been in a similar situation! Two years later, my troubles are far behind me. There will be no more "little surprises" to pop up later down the road to haunt me, and I gained 2 trusted advisors that I owe my second chance to forever! Without them, I know my situation was headed down the wrong path. Thank you, Dan and Paula for agreeing to take my case. I'm so appreciative of you both for the countless hours of letter writing and phone calls that you even still do today, just because you are you:) and you want to make sure...that my account is in good standing. I can't put into words what it feels like to finally have that burden behind me. Thank you Thank you Thank you so much Dan and Paula! You are the best!!"
June 23, 2017

"I, like many others have had an ongoing and continuous struggle with the IRS. It was as though a dark cloud hovered over me no matter what I did. Even though I worked sometimes with the local IRS branch and other affiliates, there appeared to be no sign of possible relief from this gigantic problem that continued to increase day by day. I then began to hear a number of radio and TV advertisements that supposedly specialized in the area of tax relief. After going with these so called professionals, I discovered that their primary goal was to fill their coffers and lessen mine without any results. My situation became stifling and began to impact other aspects of my life. I then was introduced to Dan and Paula(DR And Associates) by my CPA(Nelson And Associates) and immediately began to experience some relief after the first meeting. I was informed on what to expect and all the possible outcomes. Throughout the entire process they kept me informed at every stage and level, phone calls, email and paperwork. Our initial meeting was January 2016, Dan and Paula said that the process would take approximately 12 to 16 months before my offer and compromise would be accepted by the IRS. On May 9,2017, I received the most joyous call to start my day, it was Paula calling to inform me that my offer had been accepted by the IRS. I can honestly say that I thank the Lord for bringing Dan and Paula into my life. They have made a difference not just in my life but the life of my family. They take their business serious and their clients even more so. They are not just talkers about getting tax relief like these other companies, they are doers and I am a witness. I will tell anyone, if you are committed to helping yourself, Dan and Paula will be committed to helping you. They are friendly, personal, trustworthy, hard working and they will get the job done. Thanks again Dan and Paula for all that you have done for me. My family has just increased by 5, they have 3 dogs.God Bless YouLarry M "