May 1, 2017

Top Notch and Down to Earth

"Dan and Paula were great to work with and very reasonable. They were referred through a West Coast CPA/Tax/Litigation Firm which I had engaged (did a great job) who was recommended by a close personal business friend. So we were connected through a personal network.Really enjoyed working with them and they did a fantastic job. Their combined years of experience is top of the food chain. This whole process can be frustrating and difficult. It wasn't until after it was done how easy they made it seem."
February 7, 2017


"Dan Randall and Associates are phenomenal! Their level of expertise and commitment to see the job to completion made all the difference in the outcome achieved - for which I will always be grateful. Thank you!"
February 3, 2017


"We have been working with Dan and Paula for almost 8 years to resolve a longstanding issue with the IRS. Throughout the course of our journey, they put forth a super human effort to get our problem solved. They answered my (sometimes dumb) questions with the patience of saints. They overturned every rock possible to get us to a workable solution, ultimately reducing our liability significantly. They embraced our personal issues almost as their own, and we felt like family in the way they expressed concern over every twist and turn that was thrown at us. When we finally met in person after 8 years of phone calls, it was like seeing a long lost family member. We would recommend Dan and Paula for any and all tax problems you may encounter. Part of me is just a tiny bit sad that our problems are solved so I won't be talking to Dan on a regular basis. "
January 27, 2017

The best!

" If you need experienced tax consultants, tax resolution services, or IRS representation, turn to Dan Randall and Associates! They are absolute professionals, and they truly care about helping people. With over 50 years of combined experience, you know you are in good hands. Call them today!"
January 16, 2017

A Life Saver

" First off Paula and Dan are such nice and amazing people! They worked VERY hard for me and didn't EVER judge me for getting into the financial issues I needed them for but made sure I knew the reality and severity of my situation. They cared about me personally and fought hard for me with the IRS as if it was them personally having the issues. I understand its a business for them and I'm their client but they never treated me that way and it made the whole extremely stressful process much less stressful. They are very knowledgeable about all the small details that you might not ever think of. I would suggest ANYONE looking to get help with their IRS issues to use Paula and Dan!"